Xbox handling Calico reviews after game review-bombed with hate speech –

Xbox handling Calico reviews after game review-bombed with hate speech

Magical community sim game Calico is now available with Xbox Games with Gold, but the LGBTQ+ friendly game, which champions ideas of kindness, has sadly been review-bombed on Xbox “by some pretty hateful whiskered people.”

It seems the Xbox team is now on the case and is looking at the reviews for Calico after its creators reported that some were using reviews as an option for “hate speech” and “bigotry.”

The Xbox team is looking at instances of “targeted harassment” for Calico

We’re told that developer Peachy Keen Games aims to create “safe, fun, and relaxing video games,” which is very much the case with community sim Calico, in which you’re welcomed into a kind, LGBTQ+ friendly community which thrives on themes of love and friendship.

Unfortunately, the team reported that “We’re getting review bombed on Xbox pretty hard by some pretty hateful mustached people.” The devs warned players not to read through these reviews, adding, “you shouldn’t have to be exposed to that kind of bigotry… do not go searching out of curiosity! I know we can get painfully curious to see what’s up, but it is the same ol’ hate speech you usually see, nothing special at all! Save yourself the brain space and time. Take care of yourself and don’t seek it out.”

The Calico team has since confirmed that “Xbox is handling the reviews that include hate speech and targeted harassment,” adding, “We have no problem with negative reviews, we always have things to improve! But anyone who saw the state of them yesterday will agree the ones including hate speech and slurs were very much not okay… Reviews are so valuable to both devs and players.We’re a small team working on our skills, and reviews help us figure out what issues we should focus on! We have valuable feedback to gather from there, and it makes it much easier when we don’t have to wade through fake reviews.”

Calico is available now as part of August’s Xbox Games with Gold line-up. The game’s not without its issues, but if you’re looking for something relaxing to play, you could give this one a go — it’s also come up on a past sale as a quick completion, with the estimated completion time sitting between six to eight hours.

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