Xbox Game Pass’ Citizen Sleeper gets free DLC later this month

Xbox Game Pass’ cyberpunk RPG Citizen Sleeper has three free DLC episodes coming, with the first scheduled to arrive later this month.

Citizen Sleeper’s first free DLC episode, FLUX, arrives on July 28th, expanding the game’s narrative and introducing new characters. It will be followed by two more free DLC episodes.

FLUX will be the first free DLC episode for Citizen Sleeper

“Pressures in the Helion system have brought the first ships of a refugee flotilla to Erlin’s Eye. You will meet and help those that get on-station before the quarantine locks them out,” the devs explain. “FLUX will kick off a new overarching storyline that plays out across all three episodes, expanding on the wider narrative of the Helion System, the star system in which the Eye orbits.” We’ll meet new characters like Eshe, “a stubborn and driven spacer,” and captain of the Climbing Briar, along with Peake, another member of the crew.

The first free episode, FLUX, arrives on July 28th, with more bug fixes also expected for July. The second free episode is currently set to arrive in October — it looks as though we’ll need to wait until 2023 for more information on the third free episode.

How are you enjoying Citizen Sleeper? Will you be diving in to try out the new DLC? Let us know in the comments!

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