Winnipeg Humane Society dealing with influence of surrendered animals

Pets were the go to purchase during the pandemic as Winnipeggers and Manitobans were able to work from home.

But as people return to their workplaces, those adopted pets are also making their way back to shelters.

The Winnipeg Humane Society said there are over 400 animals at the shelter and finding pets their forever homes is becoming more difficult.

“The Winnipeg Humane Society is very full. We have animals coming in from every direction. Our surrender waitlists are extremely high,” said Lenore Hume, the director of marketing and communications at the humane society.

The shelter said a combination of a national veterinary shortage, along with difficulty finding appointments for groomers, is determining some people from adopting.

This is leading animals to spend even longer in the shelter which has created a domino effect.

“There’s over 120 cats on our waitlist to be surrendered, over 60 dogs, and that is just in addition to the sick and injured animals that are coming in on a daily basis. The strays that are coming in that need attention and care.”

If people are looking to donate, foster or adopt, they can visit the Winnipeg Humane Society’s website.

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