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Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Delayed?

Hogwarts Legacy appears to be in the throes of last-minute marketing with idle tracking shots of different areas players will be able to explore. Besides revealing intimate looks at its environments, Hogwarts Legacy has also notified fans of its improvements to robe physics, and has also confirmed the theory that players will be able to fast-travel via the Floo Network. In terms of Hogwarts Legacy‘s narrative, much seems to be held close to the chest at the moment following the in-depth gameplay presentation offered at the PlayStation State of Play dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy.


Perhaps the most intriguing or worrying detail about Hogwarts Legacy, which has yet to be touched upon further, is its proposed release window. Its earliest release window of 2021 was first delayed to 2022, with only a window of the holiday season. This suggests that WB Games Avalanche plans for the game to release in either November, December, or January, which does narrow it down more than any other obscure seasonal window. That window is gradually approaching, giving weight to the idea that fans should be steeling themselves for another Hogwarts Legacy delay.

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Hogwarts Legacy’s Release Date Has Yet to Be Revealed

If Hogwarts Legacy does plan to release in December, for example, then it is only five months away. Games have surely been given concrete release dates that near to a proposed window before, but it is always a concerning notion because of how common delays are in the industry nowadays. Delays happen for one reason or another and developers should not be reprimanded for deciding that they wish to spend more time on a game. However, that decision should likely be made as soon as possible so that players are not near the intended release window when it is unduly whisked away from them.

Sometimes like this cannot be helped, but Hogwarts Legacy has maintained a fairly transparent public image that would be soiled a bit if WB Games Avalanche waited to delay it until only a couple of months before fans were expecting it. That said, a delay could be imminent as a result of having no announced release date yet. If Hogwarts Legacy does not receive a release date by August or September, fans would not be wrong to assume that a delay is pending.

Still, fans should remain excited about its potential release window to be honored, as Warner Bros. likely also wishes to put it out in 2022 rather than 2023. So long as keeping it in 2022 does not incur a crunch on its developers, fans would be excited to have it sooner than later.

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Leaks Suggest Hogwarts Legacy May Arrive Sooner Than Later

Another interesting point to note is the recent leaks that have divulged as much information as possible on rumored Collector’s Edition content for Hogwarts Legacy, which is also said to include 72-hour early access. These details do not necessarily confirm or deny how soon Hogwarts Legacy may be released, or whether it will be delayed again or not.

However, with so much content already leaked and rumored, it is fair to presume that the official reveal of this special edition content will arrive sooner rather than later as well, and with it a confirmed release date for when players can expect the game to launch. . Indeed, this would help kickoff a full marketing campaign with pre-order bonuses and other incentives for players to procure for themselves.

Hogwarts Legacy‘s leaked Collector’s Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition are packed with exciting Dark Arts cosmetics and other goodies that many fans may want to partake in and use in their character customization. Other details about the game are still unknown, but once its release date is confirmed, it is likely that more information will be available.

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to be released holiday 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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