Why The Avengers Can’t Return Until Kang Dynasty, Secret Wars, and MCU Phase 6

The full details of Phase 6 are not yet confirmed but we do know it will open with Fanastic Four on Nov. 8, 2024 and conclude with the two aforementioned Avengers films. All together, Phases 4 through 6 will be known as “The Multiverse Saga.”

With this batch of news, Marvel makes official what the structural building blocks of its cinematic universe are made of. Individual Marvel films and TV shows operate similarly to issues of a comic book. Together, 6-12 of those properties make up a phase. And then three of those phases constitute a saga like the Infinity Saga and now the Multiverse Saga.

Marvel is nothing if not deliberate with how it structures its schedule. Even with that in mind, however, why is it going to be such a long wait before we get our next Avengers team up effort? Why break from the usual “Avengers at the end of each phase” paradigm for two consecutive phases, only to return to it to conclude the Multiverse Saga?

Only Feige and his fellow decision-makers at Marvel know the answer for sure. But if we had to hazard a guess of our own, however, we would say it’s because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has simply grown too large for that level of predictability.

Even in Marvel’s early years when it had to only worry about putting its most potentially profitable heroes forward (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, et al.), scheduling the Marvel Cinematic Universe must have been a logistical nightmare. Now that Marvel has more than quadrupled its usual roster of available heroes since the early Avengers days, it must have only become more difficult. By the time you get to Shang-Chi and the Eternals, you know you’re really trying to fit everyone in. Figuring out who even es an Avenger right now is a spectacularly tall task for the MCU and one that could conceivably take two full phases to resolve.

Not only is the Avengers’ current roster unclear but the Avengers are not even the only superhero team on the block within the MCU, anymore. Guardians of the Galaxy were the first non-Avenger squad to arrive back in Phase 2. Now there are also the Eternals, the upcoming Thunderbolts, and even the Fantastic Four to contend with. That’s even before Marvel undertakes the arduous task of incorporating the newly-acquired X-Men into this already massive universe.

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