Whitchurch filling station slashes its fuel prices to become one of the UK’s cheapest

There aren’t any cheaper fuel prices in Shropshire than this

Motorists have been queuing to get onto the forecourt at Grindley Brook Garage in Whitchurch, where the price for a liter of unleaded was 166.9p, and 184.9p for diesel. That is a drop of eight pence and two pence respectively in the last few days.

Whitchurch has the cheapest petrol in the county, with a nearby station charging 169.9p. In comparison, the next best price for unleaded in Shropshire is 177.9p near Shrewsbury.

At lunchtime on Friday 14 drivers waiting to get onto the forecourt of the Chester Road garage, with the eight pumps already in use.

The family-owned business DA Roberts Fuels operate the filling station, and also delivers fuel to hauliers, farmers and business owners within a 30-mile-radius

Finance manager Ricky Allman said they would continue to drop their prices where they can in accordance with the market and that the current prices would stay static at least for the weekend.

Drivers have been queuing to get onto the forecourt

He said: “It has been very busy today all day with motorists queuing to fill up and we do find that they do fill up as well rather than just put a tenner or £20 in.

“We closely monitor the price of oil and it has been coming down in recent weeks and we firmly believe in passing that onto the customers.”

In contrast to Grindley Brook Garage, the highest prices in the county on the same day according to petrolprices.com, excluding service stations, were Murco Shrewsbury at 187.9p per liter unleaded and 197.9p diesel, with Morrisons Shrewsbury at 186.7p and 195.7p .

Nationally, the average is 189.4p for unleaded and 197.5p for diesel according to RAC Fuel Watch.

In the Black Country, the cheapest petrol currently stands at 172.6p.

Blakenhall Services on Dudley Road is now charging 172.6p for a liter of unleaded and 183.6p for a liter of diesel, which is a drop of seven pence and eight pence respectively on just over a week ago.

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