What To Expect From Boeing At The Farnborough Airshow

Boeing plans to officially unveil the new 737 MAX 10 at Farnborough International Airshow later this month. This will take place alongside the newest member of the 777X family. It plans to share both technology and strategies it will implement to decrease carbon emissions.

The latest additions

Boeing shared a press release on July 10th, 2022, that showcases what it will be unveiling at the Farnborough International Airshow. The manufacturer released statements regarding defense aircraft and unmanned aircraft. However, for Boeing the pinnacle of the show is to be the unveiling of the 737 MAX 10 and the 777-9. Both of which are the newest and largest member of their respective families.


The Boeing 777-9 will be unveiled at the Farnborough International Airshow. Photo: Boeing

The company plans to fly both aircraft to the airshow on a blend of sustainable fuel. It hopes to reflect its commitment and progress toward cutting carbon emissions to zero. Upon arrival, the MAX 10 will be at the airshow from the 18th to the 21st of July. The 777-9 will be present from the 18th to the 20th.

A spokesperson from Boeing shared the company’s enthusiasm about the release of both aircraft in a statement to Simple Flying. it reads,

“The 737-10 has been flying well in flight tests and we are excited for the airplane to make its international debut so that many others can see for themselves the largest member of the 737 MAX family. This is an airplane with superior fuel efficiency, increased seating capacity of up to 230 passengers and high-cycle reliability to create the best per-seat economics of any single-aisle airplane in the market.The 737-10 and the 777-9 are not only the most efficient in their respective class , pilots will tell you they handle incredibly well.

Welcome to the fleet

The 737 MAX 10 is reportedly one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in its class. It will offer greater seating capacity and fuel efficiency than any other 737. The manufacturer is proud to share that this aircraft has the best per-seat economics in the world for any single-aisle configuration.

The 737 MAX family has seen great success in recent years. The family has received over 3,300 orders to date. The MAX series boasts a 20 percent reduction in fuel usage as well as a 50% reduction in noise pollution when compared to earlier 737 models. These improvements are attributed to the newer high-efficiency engines unique to the MAX series.

The 737 MAX family has so far been a success for Boeing. Photo: Boeing

The 777-9 will offer a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption making it the most efficient twin-engine jet in the world. Boeing attributes the improvement in fuel efficiency to advanced technology installed on the aircraft that was originally manufactured for the 787. The 777X family currently has over 340 orders in place.

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A carbon-neutral world

The latest aircraft comes as a part of Boeing’s plan to cut carbon emissions. These high-efficiency aircraft are an early step toward Boeing’s vision of cutting carbon emissions entirely by 2050. The company plans to unveil a modeling tool at the airshow that will help both manufacturers and airlines reach this goal.

In recent years Boeing has continuously shown a vision of innovation toward higher efficiency and reduced waste. The president of Boeing International, Sir Michael Arthur shared the company’s excitement for both the airshow and carbon reduction plans by stating,

“In the four years since the last Farnborough Airshow, the world has seen the critical social and economic role that aerospace and defense plays. We are excited to reconnect with our colleagues at Farnborough as we address together the need for a more sustainable future and take concrete steps to enable innovation and clean technology,”

Boeing plans to unveil both the long-awaited 737 MAX 10 and the 777-9 at the Farnborough Airshow later this month. The two aircraft will be flying together as part of the unveiling. Both aircraft bring an improvement to aircraft efficiency making each of them the most efficient in their classes. These efficiency improvements come as a part of Boeing’s plan to cut the airline industry’s carbon footprint to zero by 2050.

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