Watch Victoria Beckham Sing a Spice Girls Song on Karaoke Night

Victoria Beckham is honoring her roots with a little help from karaoke.

This past weekend, David Beckham posted a video on Instagram of his wife bringing out her inner Posh Spice while singing the 1997 Spice Girls hit “Stop,” during their family vacation. In the clip, Victoria sings along to the song and even executes some of the single’s dance moves as the music video is projected behind her. She looks sleek in a body-hugging black midi dress, which she styled with a cropped black cardigan and a diamond bracelet.

“Karaoke night with the one & only Posh Spice [email protected] @spicegirls ????,” the soccer player wrote in the caption.

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Per People, Victoria later reposted the video to her own Instagram Story, adding, “Only for you @davidbeckham.”

Victoria talked about her past Posh life—and her 11-year-old daughter Harper Beckham’s disapproval of her Spice Girls fashion—in a recent interview.

“She’s not one of these kids who are going out with a full face of make-up and a crop top,” she said of her daughter. “She actually said to me recently, ‘Mummy, I’ve seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short.'”

The fashion designer added that David seemingly chose Harper’s side.

“Then David piped up and said, ‘Absolutely, Harper! They really, really were.’ And she was actually quite disgusted at how short my skirts were,” Victoria continued. “I said, ‘Are you never going to wear skirts like that?’ She said, ‘Absolutely not.’ We’ll see.”

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