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You never stop worrying about your kids – even when they’re long past being kids – and Victoria Beckham’s got more to fret about than most. As she soaked up the sun in Croatia with de ella husband David and their youngest two children, the fashion designer confessed to friends that she’s despairing over her eldest son de ella, Brooklyn, after he was dropped as the face of fashion brand Superdry. It’s the latest in a long line of missed career opportunities for the photographer-turned-model / chef – who’s now turning to her wife Nicola and her family for advice rather than her famous parents.

“Victoria is really upset and frustrated with Brooklyn,” says an insider close to the 48-year-old former Spice Girl, who is also mum to Romeo, 19, Cruz, 17, and Harper, 11.

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“She pulled a lot of strings to get him this Superdry gig. It was supposed to help build his profile of her and give him some credibility, so that he could start building a future for himself. But he reportedly said no to various shoots and campaigns asked for Superdry, as it did not suit his schedule.

“Every venture he’s tried has fizzled out and it’s very upsetting for Victoria, as well as reflecting badly on Brand Beckham. Victoria and David both worked so hard to get where they are and it’s such a disappointment to see Brooklyn throwing away these opportunities. All the drama and tense discussions around it cast a bit of a shadow over their holiday.”

News broke last week that Superdry had “abruptly axed” their contract with Brooklyn, 23, after less than eight months, explaining enigmatically, “We decided to work with a different range of talent for Spring/Summer 22.”

It’s the latest in a string of failures for Brooklyn, who initially hoped to follow in his dad’s footsteps as a professional footballer, before turning to photography, managing one year at design school in New York and releasing a less-than-well-received book . As well as continuing to pursue modeling opportunities, he’s most recently tried his hand at being a celebrity chef.

His online video series reportedly required help from 62 professionals and cost $100k per episode to make. But wife Nicola recently insisted food was his passion for him, saying, “You can tell that when Brooklyn’s in the kitchen he’s in heaven.”

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The 27-year-old also took a swipe at her new in-laws, claiming her husband has been under “a lot of pressure to please people with his career,” but now turns to her dad, Nelson Peltz, for advice. She explained, “I watch him call my dad and say, ‘What do you think about this?’ I love watching him learn from my dad.”

No wonder that the Beckhams – who were last week pictured meeting up with royal Sarah Ferguson while on their Mediterranean holiday – are feeling snubbed.

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Heat’s source continues, “Brooklyn has always talked to his parents about his career plans, so it’s a little concerning that things have suddenly changed. Victoria tried to speak to him, explaining that you have to work your way up in this industry, but he wouldn’t listen, claiming he never wanted the deal with Superdry anyway and accusing her of pushing him into it. He and Nicola think they know better and have ambitions to collaborate with high-end brands
like Gucci.

“Of course, Victoria now feels guilty for attempting to help in the first place and is trying to take a step back. But it’s really hard for her and David to watch.”

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