Victoria Beckham faces backlash over TikTok debut video

Victoria Beckham sparked outrage after she made her TikTok debut with new video.

The glamorous wife of David Beckham shared her debut reel on the social media site which garnered more than 3.8 million views in the first 24 hours.

the former Spice Girls member could be seen sitting at a table with a plate of food as she says, “Tell me you’re Posh without telling me you’re Posh. I’ll go first.”

Then a waiter comes and removes the cloche from the plate unveiling the meal to be grilled salmon with vegetables.

However, the video was not received well among the TikTok users as the fashion designer’s native country UK goes through a cost of living crises.

“Tell me you’re out of touch, without telling me you’re out of touch,” one user commented while another added, “Victoria, people can’t feed their kids.”

“Probably not the best time to post this,” another chimed in. “You know we are trying to find the tin of prickly pear at the back of the cupboard we bought three years ago now.”

But some fans Victoria tried to defend her video as one wrote, “Did I miss the part where Mrs Beckham was in charge of the country, finance and taxing?”

“The video is a bit of fun, made me laugh,” the user added while another jumps to her defense, “I feel like the joke has gone RIGHT over people’s heads.”

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