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Unlock MultiVersus achievements fast using Custom matches

MultiVersus has now launched in open beta, and players have discovered that it is possible to unlock even its grindiest achievements quicker using Custom matches, making the completion more manageable, even solo.

The MultiVersus achievements mostly take the form of cumulatives which ask very specific things of you, from scoring lots of double KOs to getting hundreds of projectile ringouts. The good news is that all of these can be obtained more easily in Custom games, where you can invite friends to come serve as training dummies on which you can farm achievement progress, and you can even add super-easy bots if you only want to Play Alone.

How to unlock MultiVersus achievements quicker using Custom games

Depending on which achievements you’re going for, you’ll want to tweak the settings accordingly — if you’re just looking to quickly increase your match count, set it to 1v1 and drop the KO target to 1, then either quickly finish the game or have one player just walk off the side to end it instantly. That said, you’re probably better off finishing them off with spikes and projectiles to more efficiently progress the related achievements for those at the same time. For more specific tasks, you might prefer to make things last longer, or need a second opponent if you’re going for double kills… bots can be quite erratic for trying to farm this one in particular, so you’re better off trying to rope in some friends. Just have two opponents stand on the edge and the slightest tap should knock them both off, taking you 1% closer to your goal.

Do note, however, that while Custom games are great for racking up fast achievement progress, you won’t earn Gold or character mastery for playing them, nor will you make progress on your active challenges or Battle Pass. As such, it’s worth playing regular matches to begin with, at least to get a preferred character into double figures so you can power them up a bit with a full suite of perks. This can also be done in regular matches against bots, which can be played solo (tab left from the Play menu for bot modes), and all achievements can be earned there, too… yes, even winning matchmade games as bot matches still use matchmaking, even when you load in solo. Also, it doesn’t seem like local multiplayer games count towards progress at all, so no second controller shenanigans here.

If you’re looking for people to help you speed through the MultiVersus achievements, keep an eye on our gaming sessions for like-minded brawlers, or consider setting one up yourself. Otherwise, hopefully this handy tip will help take the edge off what is otherwise a fairly grindy list… let us know how you get on!

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