Stray Day One Update 1.02 Tweaks and Fixes Listed, Here Are the “Pawtch Notes”

Stray Day One Update 1.02

For those looking forward to playing the cat adventure game “Stray,” you’ll be downloading a patch come release day, which isn’t unusual these days. Developer BlueTwelve Studios has listed the Stray day one update 1.02 fixes, and it includes graphical tweaks, localization improvements and more. Check out the complete and official day one “pawtch notes” below.

Stray Day One Update 1.02 Patch Notes:

Pawtch notes (Day One Patch):

  • Improved navigation in various places
  • Made some game scripts more robust when reloading checkpoints
  • Improved audio during cinematics
  • Polished audio sounds and general mix in throughout
  • Small graphical tweaks and fixes
  • Improved localization in several languages
  • A LOT of collision fixes, naughty cat!

Thank you all for playing our first game! Hug your cat for us!

In addition to that, the PS4 update history also states the 1.01 fixes as well:

Pawtch notes:

  • Localization has been improved in several languages
  • Supplemental vibration has been added throughout the game
  • Some Meows have been totally re-meowed
  • Stability has been improved during a few critical moments
  • Performance has been improved in a few demanding places

That seems to be it. Keep an eye out for our Stray review, since this is one unusual experience we don’t want to miss! You can check out the game’s complete list of trophies right here.

Stray is set to pounce its way out this July 19 on the PS4, PS5 and PC.

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