Solar farm to be installed on St Helier recycling center roof

The Parish of St Helier recycling center at the Parks Department site at Mont?l?Abb?is to have 222 solar panels fitted on its roof.

MORE than 200 solar panels will be fitted to the roof of the St Helier recycling center as part of an agreement between Jersey Electricity and the parish.

The solar-farm project, due to be installed at the depot on Grande Route de St Jean, is the latest initiative aimed at helping offset the parish’s carbon footprint.

The new solar farm will generate 86kWp, which is equivalent to supplying electricity to approximately 11 average homes. A parish assembly, chaired by St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft and attended by many of the parish’s newly-elected Deputies, supported the proposal unanimously this week.

A total of 222 solar panels will be fitted to the roof and connected to the Jersey Electricity grid.

In a press release, the parish said: ‘In 2019, the Parish Assembly declared a climate-change emergency and set out its aim to be carbon neutral by 2025-2030. Since then the parish has commenced an ambitious change programme, including a range of measures to both reduce its carbon footprint and offset carbon emissions.

‘This includes beginning a phased move away from petrol and diesel vehicles to an electric fleet, conversion of heating and cooking facilities from fossil fuels to electric, and directly supporting environmental projects such as the community smallholding GROW Project in the north of St Helier.’

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