Skyrim Player Discovers Secret Feature 11 Years Later

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may be 11 years old, but the quality of the game, the amount of content it offers, its lively modding community, and endless re-releases all have ensured that it’s still played by many across three generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the PC , Nintendo Switch, and even in VR. And with The Elder Scrolls 6 still many years away, it’s set to continue to be the latest mainline Elder Scrolls game for a while. Right now, fans of the series have three choices: play and grind The Elder Scrolls Onlinedip into the legacy titles of the series, or play Skyrim for the 74th time. It seems many have gone with the latter because many are still playing in 2022. How do we know this? Well, because people continue to post to the game’s popular Reddit page.

One of the top posts on the Reddit page this week relays word of a secret feature that nobody knew existed, or at least no one on the game’s Reddit page, and when you consider the users populating this page are likely some of the game’s biggest fans , this likely means a vast majority of players, if not all, have no clue about this feature. As for the feature itself, it involves tag and dragons.

As the Reddit post notes, the player was playing tag with a kid when a dragon appeared and attacked, which led to a new quest triggering involving playing tag with a dragon.

I was playing tag with a kid, when a dragon attacked. So.. now I guess I’m playing tag with the dragon. Didn’t even know this was possible :’) from skyrim

If you read the replies to the post, it’s brimming with fans who had no clue this feature existed, and this is probably because it apparently requires a specific set of events to even trigger.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two or 77 letting us know what you think. Did you know about this feature? Meanwhile, for more coverage on The Elder Scrolls series, click here.


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