Should you choose Raids, Grunts, and Gyms! or Go Battle League! in Pokemon Go’s Battle Weekend Challenge

The Pokémon Go Battle Weekend has arrived during the mobile game’s sixth Anniversary Event. This Battle Weekend features Giovanni making his return with shadow Latios, a legendary Dragon and Psychic-type Pokémon you can add to your collection to use in future encounters. Simenlatenously, there is a Battle Weekend timed research for you to work through that contains two choices for you to pick before getting started. Should you choose Raids, Grunts, and Gyms! or Go Battle League! in Pokemon Go’s Battle Weekend Challenge?

The best choice is Raids, Grunts, and Gyms! or Go Battle League!

After completing the first task for the Battle Weekend challenge, you will have two choices. You will need to pick from Raids, Grunts, Gyms! or the Go Battle League! It’s important to note all of the rewards in this challenge will be the same, regardless of the route you pick. It all comes down to what activities you want to do for this challenge.

For the Raids, Grunts, and Gyms! series of tasks, your goal will be to take down multiple Team Rocket Go members available at PokéStops or the Rocket Balloon. The Balloon will appear more often throughout the event, making it much easier to take down any Team Rocket grunt you need to encounter. You will also need to battle in multiple raids, so you can expect to use your raid passes for this portion of the event.

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For the Go Battle League! option, you will need to focus on taking on player trainers in the various battle league competitions. The Great, Ultra, and Master League are all available, giving you the chance to pick your preferred competition. You will need to win battles, compete multiple times, and you will need to achieve rank five in the Go Battle League to advance through these challenges.

The better choice varies on how you prefer to spend your time. We would recommend the Go Battle League! Because it’s much easier to battle against trainers than to find a reliable Pokémon Go raid in your local area. You will receive the same challenges featured in the Battle Weekend Challenge timed research regardless of your selection. We also recommend you work on the Field Notes: Team Go Rocket Special Research, where you can take on Giovanni and encounter shadow Latios.

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