Open-World Terminator Game Announced –

Nacon finally showed off more of its RoboCop game at its Nacon Connect event. However, that wasn’t all the company had in store for fans of video games based on 1980s film franchises, as it announced an open-world survival game based on the terminator series. The game has no release window or even an official title as of now, but is slated to come to PC and a nondescript batch of consoles.

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As hinted at by its lack of details, Nacon stated the obvious by saying it was coming in the “distant future.” Nacon Studio Milan will be the studio behind it, which is not Teyon, the Polish team behind Nacon’s other terminator game, Terminator: Resistance. Nacon Studio Milan is a brand-new team that Nacon set up in May 2022, which likely at least partially explains why this game is so far away.

The trailer also doesn’t show much about the game, only that a T-800 is on the hunt. As noted by the studio’s website, it will feature an original story that “draws upon the events portrayed in the movies.” It will also take place after the apocalyptic Judgment Day and before John Connor set up the resistance and star a group of survivors.

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