Next-gen mini-LED 4K TVs are set for very welcome price drops

One of the biggest TV stories since 2021 has been the arrival of mini-LED tech in TVs. This is a type of backlight for LCD that uses – you guessed it – smaller LEDs so that more lights can be packed into less space, making for ultra-thin TVs with dazzling HDR. Though TCL had introduced the tech before 2021, it really took off with Samsung offering the technology worldwide in some of the best TVs of the year, and at this point you can also find it in TVs from Sony, LG, Philips and Hisense.

The one problem? It’s not cheap. It requires more advanced manufacturing than regular LED TVs, which means premium prices. There has been great progress just in the last year, with the price of Samsung’s 2021 models (such as the Samsung QN90A) dropping massively since their launch, and it was good to see that Samsung’s 2022 TV range launched at slightly lower prices than its 2021 equivalents in many cases. That was in stark contrast to the price of 2022 LG OLED TVs, including the LG C2, going up compared to last year’s models.

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