New coffee pod recycling scheme launches in Wolverhampton

Podback's executive director Rick Hindley and Councilor Steve Evans, cabinet member for city environment and climate change
Podback’s executive director Rick Hindley and Councilor Steve Evans, cabinet member for city environment and climate change

Wolverhampton Council is the first local authority in the West Midlands to team up with Podback, a not-for-profit coffee pod recycling service.

The new city-wide Podback scheme will help support the council’s aim to reduce waste, increase recycling and achieve carbon savings to help tackle climate change.

People will now be able to recycle both plastic and aluminum coffee pods at the city’s two household waste recycling centers (HWRCs) at Anchor Lane and Shaw Road.

Residents can simply bring used pods to the sites and deposit them in special containers provided by Podback.

If people are unable to get to one of the city’s recycling centres, they can register for a door-to-door collection service by visiting

Once registered, residents will be provided with Podback recycling bags, along with a leaflet providing instructions on how to use the scheme.

When bags are full, residents can book a collection via the website.

Residents living in flats can take part by using the Podback drop-off service.

Councillor Steve Evans, Wolverhampton Council’s cabinet member for city environment and climate change, said: “Many of our residents will enjoy a cup of coffee at home using their coffee machines and this new service will allow them to do something good for the environment every time they fill a mug.

“Podback is funding the service, so it is cost neutral for us and an excellent way to improve our existing recycling options for residents. To further support our commitment to tackling climate change, the Podback recycling team will be delivering bags and collecting pods using an electric vehicle.

“We all want to do the right thing and recycle as much as possible, and by working with Podback, we can offer simple and easy options for people to recycle their used coffee pods.”

Under the Podback scheme, the coffee pods will be sent to specialist recycling plants in the UK. The plastic and aluminum will be transformed into new products, including packaging, car components and building products.

Coffee grounds will be treated by anaerobic digestion to create soil improver and renewable energy.

Recycling items uses less energy than manufacturing from raw materials, saving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions generated by throwing items away in landfill and even incineration.

Podback’s executive director, Rick Hindley, said: “Wolverhampton is the first local authority in the West Midlands to partner with Podback since we launched in 2021. This is the most ambitious scheme to date; both in terms of the services provided and the number of households we are targeting.

“Together with Wolverhampton Council our aim is to make it easier for consumers to recycle their pods at home. We’re excited to launch the service and to be helping the council increase the amount of it recycles.”

Coffee pods that can be recycled under the Podback scheme are Nespresso, Nescafe, Dolce Gusto, Starbucks by Nespresso, Starbucks by Nescafe, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, L’Or, CruKafe, Artisan Coffee Co, Allpress Espresso, Colonna Coffee and Café Palmieri by Jomad Coffee and Pret A Manger. Together these brands represent over three quarters of the UK market.

Podback’s ambition is to expand the program to include all coffee pod brands using plastic or aluminum pods in the UK.

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