Miller Out After “The Flash” Release?

Warner Bros. Pictures

We’re still a year away from its planned release, but the upcoming film adaptation of the DC Comics title “The Flash” is proving to be the first film-related crisis for new Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

Zaslav has reportedly expressed a desire to grow the DC Universe to a Marvel Cinematic Universe scale. “The Flash” was originally set to serve as a potential multiverse-opening film for DC, but now seems like more of a last hurray of the pre-Discovery era Warners.

The movie does have plenty going for it – the return of Michael Keaton as Batman, a brief reprise of Batman by Ben Affleck, a $200 million budget, and a well-regarded helmer with “IT” director Andy Muschietti.

But the escalating coverage of off-set incidents and alleged bizarre behavior involving its star Ezra Miller are proving to be a headache for the studio. Sources for Deadline indicate that even if no more allegations surface in regards to Miller, the studio will likely not keep the actor in the role in future DC films.

The outlet says the studio reportedly has tried getting help for Miller, but the concerning headlines keep coming and so a decision has to be made soon about the film’s fate. Does it go straight to HBO Max and Warners takes a write-down? Do they continue with a theatrical release that will likely skip a publicity tour? Or do they reshoot with another actor at great expense?

Miller this week deleted their verified Instagram account and a court attempting to serve an order against Miller is reportedly unable to locate the actor according to The Los Angeles Times.

Whatever choice is made, it’s going to be costly even as the studio is happy with reports indicating early test screenings have highly praised the film according to Variety. We can expect a decision either way relatively soon.

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