Microsoft’s secret plastic Surface Duo leaks on eBay –

Microsoft’s secret plastic Surface Duo leaks on eBay

Microsoft was reportedly planning to launch a more affordable plastic version of the Surface Duo 2, and images of the device appear to have leaked on eBay. Windows Center reports that Microsoft canceled this mysterious midrange version of the Surface Duo 2 in late 2021 after reportedly originally planning to launch it as a cheaper model later this year.

The leaked images on a now-deleted eBay listing reveal the device would have shipped with a more rounded design, a plastic matte finish, and a slightly smaller camera bump. Microsoft was reportedly making changes to the form factor of the Surface Duo 2 to position this as a lower-cost model.

The leaked Surface Duo 2 plastic device.
Image: eBay

The rear has a dual-camera array.
Image: eBay

Codenamed Cronos, the changes would have included a more midrange Qualcomm processor, a dual-camera array on the rear instead of a triple one, non-curved displays without Microsoft’s glance bar, and a plastic exterior. Windows Center speculates that it could have been introduced as the “Surface Duo Go” or something similar. This isn’t the first time Surface Duo photos have leaked, with images appearing online ahead of the Surface Duo 2 launch last year.

Microsoft is now working on bringing Android 12L to existing Surface Duo 2 devices instead of shipping this more affordable Surface Duo 2 later this year. Windows Center claims the next Surface Duo flagship won’t arrive until late 2023.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 launched with a steep price tag and a laundry list of bugs and issues in October 2021, but the software maker has been gradually improving the device. Verge deputy editor Dan Seifert says the Surface Duo 2 has gotten much better months after its release, to the point where “it’s now one of my favorite mobile devices.”

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