Man Utd star attempting to do an around the world is hilarious

A video of Scott McTominay using his hand to help him perform an around the world has got fans in stitches.

McTominay is one of Manchester United’s most tenacious stars, but he’s also one of the most polarizing.

Many love the Scotsman’s unwavering work ethic and desire to win, which usually channels itself through controlled aggression in the middle of the park.

Whereas, for others, the now 26-year-old represents a painful memory and figurehead of more difficult times, times which the Red Devils are eager to move on from under new manager Erik ten Hag.

And it seems that it’s not just on the pitch where McTominay has caused divided opinion.

The incident in question

In a recent video circulating on Twitter, the United midfielder can be seen performing keepie-uppie’s in front of a green screen for the cameras.

But when he goes to pull of an around the world, rather than completing the actual skill, he casually scoops the ball back up with his left-hand to prevent it hitting the floor before continuing as if nothing happened.

It truly is quite bizarre and we can’t work out whether this was some form of pre-meditated gag or whether McTominay genuinely can’t pull off the trick that many teenagers could do at the drop of a penny.

View the video below…

Video: McTominay’s around the world attempt

It’s not just us that’s stumped either, with Twitter users far and wide debating what on earth was going on.

We’ll take you through some of the best reactions below, although, it is worth remembering that being able to complete certain tricks isn’t a requirement of being a professional footballer.

There are many Youtubers and freestylers that could dazzle you with their array of flicks but start them against Manchester City on a Saturday kick-off and, well, that’s the real test of a footballer.

Again, not that we’re suggesting McTominay absolutely can’t pull one off – he probably can. It’s just that’s what many people reacting seem to believe.

Have a gain through some of the best responses for yourself.

The responses collated below are from a now deleted version of the video.

fan reaction

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