luke shaw story | Man Utd –

luke shaw story | Man Utd

Shaw is pleased with his own start to Tour 2022 and is relishing the chance to build his fitness after suffering injuries at the end of last season.

“Last season was very disappointing, not just as a team but also individually for me,” he admitted. “It wasn’t what people expect or what I expect and I think this season is another fresh start. Now it’s time for me to keep consistency and keep higher levels of performance week in, week out which I’ve spoken to the manager about already and that’s what he wants.”

The Reds will continue preparations for the new campaign with two more Tour 2022 matches in Australia – against Crystal Palace and Aston Villa – before another couple of pre-season fixtures in Oslo and at Old Trafford. Then all eyes will be on Brighton at home on 7 August.

“I think you need to have an eye on that Brighton match [already] Because that’s the most important game that’s coming up,” Luke explained. “Now, it’s all about preparation and getting the fitness work in and the game time, and obviously understanding the new set-up the manager wants on the pitch. It’s about putting all that together and making sure we’re 100 per cent at our best when that first game comes because that’s the most important one.”


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