Long queues daily as drivers flock to cheapest petrol station in Wolverhampton

Vehicles queuing on Dudley Road for Total Energies, Dudley Rd, Wolverhampton

TotalEnergies Blakenhall Service Station on Dudley Road, Wolverhampton has been the cheapest in the area for more than three months now – which has seen a massive rise in the number of vehicles queuing up to fill up at the station.

Long queues have been witnessed daily on Dudley Road, with tailbacks often backed up to Wolverhampton Road East, and also further down Dudley Road in the opposite direction.

While there may be long queues of vehicles trying to fill up on the cheapest fuel, it hasn’t deterred customers, instead more and more are heading to the station every day.

In order to bring some form of control to the queuing vehicles, operations manager Sanjeev Lal told the Express and Star previously: “We have marshals now on the forecourt, we have found it gets really busy sometimes and wanted to make sure the flow of traffic is as good as it can be.

“It has been received really well, especially with the elderly, as the marshals can help them fill up.

“We have massively increased our customer base, we are getting them from across the West Midlands.”

Vehicles queuing on Dudley Road for Total Energies, Dudley Rd, Wolverhampton

Another station found locally, Himley Road Service Station recently slashed their prices to 172.9p per liter of petrol and 190.9p per liter of diesel, but still the station on Dudley Road remains the cheapest with the price of petrol costing 167.6p per liter and diesel costing 179.6p per liter – something Sanjeev is very proud of.

He said: “We are delighted that we can once again lower the cost.

“We are passing all the savings we are getting on to the customers.

“There’s been widespread coverage of the costs, it has been great to see people mentioning our station.”

The station has been receiving rave reviews all over social media, with member groups dedicated to finding cheap fuel prices highlighting the station for being the cheapest in the area.

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