Leicester City try to end Fofana rumors but Chelsea reportedly unknown

As we enter the final month of the 2022 summer transfer window, we can rest assured that things are only going to get sillier from here on in as we slowly wind our way to Deadline Day on September 1. You can’t stop the signal, Mal, you can only hope to contain it.

Brendan Rodgers tried to stop the Wesley Fofana signal yesterday, after their friendly against Sevilla. Let’s see if he’ll be successful.

“He’s a top talent. He’s not for sale. He still has lots of improvements to make. He’s very happy here, he really enjoys being here.

“Naturally he will attract the interest of other clubs. Our job, in not signing anyone so far, is to at least keep the players we have. I know that’s the intention of the club.”

-Brendan Rodgers; source: Leicester Mercury

Of course, two years ago and using very similar words, Rodgers declared that Ben Chilwell wasn’t going anywhere either, not long before Ben Chilwell was indeed going somewhere (namely to Chelsea). Talk is just talk. But so far there’s been no real action from Chelsea on this front, and Fofana’s price tag just keeps rising, now up to £85m as per the Daily Mail.

That said, we apparently remain undeterred even in the face of increasing odds.

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