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Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi teases new game for Annapurna

Katamari Damacy, watthamand Noby Noby Boy game designer Keita Takahashi and his “tiny game studio” Uvula are creating a new game for stray and Neon White publisher Annapurna Interactive. Uvula offered a first look at that new game, which does not have an announced title, during Annapurna’s 2022 game showcase, but revealed little about the project.

An all-too-brief teaser trailer focuses on the vibrating uvula of a snoring young person, who is awakened by a dog licking their face. The teaser trailer promises “more to come” but also seems frustrated with its own lack of information. Platforms and release windows were not announced. Look, at this point, all you can really count on is a dog that licks faces.

Uvula has had a small teaser page up for the project for a while now, only referring to it as “New project” and including an image of a teapot. Uvula’s other projects include the recently released Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure for Panic’s Playdate handheld, Alphabet for PC (only available as part of a Fantastic Arcade bundle), and Tenya Wanya Teens, a game that was played with a custom 16-button controller. Takahashi has also worked on wattham and Woord during his time at Funomena.

For everything else Annapurna Interactive announced Thursday, check out Polygon’s roundup from the Annapurna showcase.

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