Intel recognizes Chrome and Edge Perf problems on Alder Lake CPUs; provides remedy

Intel recognizes Chrome and Edge Perf problems on Alder Lake CPUs;  provides remedy

Many Alder Lake CPU users have lately reported performance difficulties with Chrome and Edge browsers. Intel now confirms the issue and proposes some remedies.

The issue seems to be caused by a certain model of integrated graphics, the UHD 770 iGPUs. Lag while moving the mouse around the browser and two-second delays in response have been reported.

The problem affects 18 Intel 12th Generation CPU models, including the 12500, 12600, 12700, and 12900. To determine the model of your CPU, go to Settings – System – Information. To validate the GPU model, go to Settings-System-Display-Advanced display, and the information will be shown, all in Windows 11.

Intel recommends that you keep Windows and browsers up to date with updates. Then attempt a fresh install of the Intel graphics drivers. Remember that generic drivers are available on the Intel website, however bespoke drivers are often available on the motherboard manufacturer’s website.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. update the browser to the latest version.
  2. update Windows® to the latest version and run any pending updates.
  3. try a Clean Installation of Intel® Graphics Drivers in Windows using the latest customized driver offered by the motherboard manufacturer (OEM) or using the Intel® generic drivers available on our Download Center.
  4. disable Hardware Acceleration on the browser or switch from an HDD (mechanical Hard Disk Drive) to an SSD (Solid State Drive).

If it doesn’t work, Intel recommends turning off hardware acceleration on the browser in question. This is available in Chrome under Settings – System, and in Edge under Settings – System & Performance. If the operating system or browser is installed on a hard drive, moving to an SSD may assist, but it would be a dramatic and perhaps costly move.

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