I’m 21 and I make £13k a MONTH selling jewelery from my bedroom – I had months without orders then I made a change

A 21-YEAR-OLD says she is making £13,500 a MONTH selling homemade jewelery from her bedroom – after starting her business with just £200 supplies from Amazon.

Tisha Pruthi, from Wolverhampton, turned a lockdown project into her dream business, Chikaag, making and selling personalized bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Tisha Pruthi is set to make a six figure salary this year at just 21-years-old


Tisha Pruthi is set to make a six figure salary this year at just 21-years-oldCredit: SWNS
The business grew from just £200 worth of supplies


The business grew from just £200 worth of suppliesCredit: SWNS

The young entrepreneur waited five months before receiving a single order, having splashed out £200 on supplies from Amazon in 2020.

But now claims she’s set for a six-figure salary, earning £13,500 last month, after her Tiktoks went viral.

The savvy student cut costs by using social media to promote her products and never paid a penny on marketing.

Her business account has 77.7k followers and 4.2 MILLION likes on Tiktok, which rolls in 600 orders a month.

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Tisha’s videos reveal the cheekiest customizations that couples have ordered for each other and show her manicured hands making the jewelery herself.

In the latest Tiktok, she makes a bracelet someone ordered for their girlfriend with “Hotten than hot sauce” engraved on the outside.

Other popular clips show orders engraved with compliments like “Bloody gorgeous you are” and a few naughty variations of “I love you, nice **** btw”.

Tisha had to delay her university degree for two years after her business took off and jewelery started flying off the shelves of her bedroom in her family home.

Now the young businesswoman plans to juggle her flourishing company alongside a degree at uni in September.

Tisha, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, said: “I always imagined myself running a business, so I decided to just do it.

“For the first five months, I paid £200 for my initial stock and then got no orders. I was so stressed, thinking I’d made a mistake and wasted my time and money.

“When my videos started to go viral, I gained lots of followers who converted into customers.

“Suddenly I was getting so many orders, it was amazing.

“For anyone wanting to take the risk in starting a business, I’d say do it. If you want to do it, work hard and you’ll get what you want.”

The jewelery queen learned how to engrave pictures and lettering through YouTube videos, starting with stamps and a hammer to imprint the shapes onto the jewelery.

But she waited for an order for five months, completely doubting herself.

She said: “In those five months, I got nothing. I was so stressed.”

Ultimately Tisha’s social media skills were the business’ saving grace, and her decision not to spend money on marketing paid off.

Sales flooded in as her videos went viral on Tiktok and Instagram.

Her shop now offers a variety of hand-made jewelery and accessories costing less than £20.

May was Tisha’s best business month yet – raking in £13,500 and over 600 orders.

The businesswoman purchased an engraving machine when the business took off, however she continues to run Chikaag from her bedroom in her family home.

She said: “Honestly, it has so hard making them all!

“I am getting around 12 orders a day and I’ve been spending up to seven hours making, packaging and shipping orders.”

And Tisha’s sights are set even higher – as she hopes to grow the business alongside studying Information Management for Business at UCL from September.

She has no plans to slow down and aims to build Chikaag into a six-figure business.

She said: “I think I’ll hire an accountant soon – I want to grow more. When I’ve finished my degree I want to try and open a physical store.

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“I don’t know how I’ll do it but I’ll do it.”

Looking back on how much progress she has made, she said: “I’m just really proud I took the risk. I feel pretty amazing at what I’ve achieved.”

Tisha is hoping to grow the business when she starts at university in September


Tisha is hoping to grow the business when she starts at university in SeptemberCredit: SWNS
The bedroom in her family home full of supplies for the flourishing business


The bedroom in her family home full of supplies for the flourishing businessCredit: SWNS
Tisha was inundated with over 600 orders last month


Tisha was inundated with over 600 orders last monthCredit: SWNS

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