I will think twice before signing unvaccinated players

He went on to say: “N’Golo is preparing himself with Ruben. We cannot force them (to be vaccinated). It is at the moment a very normal decision to get vaccinated. Both players made the decision not to.

“We need to follow the rules, so they cannot join us. They know about the consequences. We don’t like it, of course not. We would love to have them here and it’s not an ideal solution. Far from ideal. But once the situation is like this you need to come up with a solution.

“So they have their coaches there (in England). They have coaches from us who take care. They train with the Under-23s, but they go to the United States too, so then they go with the Under-19s to not be completely not in a group. But it will not compensate, it will not be the same.”

Tuchel, though, is hopeful Kante could still be ready for the opening weeks of the new season. He said: “For N’Golo, it is maybe not even the worst thing to do, so we can give him a very individual load. A very, very individualized load for him. So maybe we can turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

“I don’t think he, in particular, needs a long time to adapt to our game because N’Golo is N’Golo and everybody is aware that he is a key player and needs to be a key player if you want to win big stuff.”

Kante, along with Jorginho, has entered the final year of his contract, which is something Tuchel had hoped to avoid following the free transfer departures of defenders Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen this summer.

Asked if it is still the case that he does not want the pair’s deals to run down, Tuchel said: “It is, but I want a lot of things. Not all things become reality, but everyone is aware of the situation with not only N’Golo but also Jorginho. We knew about the situation with Andreas and Toni, and we don’t want this. So we are on it to solve it in the best interests of the club.”


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