I was on brink of quitting, admits Laura Kenny after scratch race gold at Commonwealth Games

Kenny said the departure of women’s endurance coach Monica Greenwood and the decision of British team-mate Katie Archibald to skip the Commonwealths and the European Championships had also affected her.

“Since everything that’s happened to me personally, and then Monica’s stepped away…I’ve felt lost,” she said. “When Katie said to me she does n’t think she can do the Commies and then the Euros, I felt like somebody had ripped my right arm off of her. I thought Katie and I were focusing on the Madison at the worlds [later this year], maybe we still will. But when someone says, ‘I can’t physically get fit enough to do the Europeans, I don’t think I’ll be doing the Madison with you,’ I just felt like I had nothing.

“When you’re in that mindset and you’re stepping on to the bike, day in, day out, I’m making sacrifices at home because obviously I’m leaving [four-year-old son] Albie to do it, it’s really hard. Even before the start [today], I didn’t know if I could do it. But I came in this morning in a completely different mindset, thinking, ‘Of course you can do it.’

“I told myself in the toilet, ‘You need to race as Laura Trott, that old bike rider who didn’t think about anything else other than crossing that finish line first’.”


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