High winds from storm on Monday night cause many trees to fall in the city of Belpre

BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) – After Monday nights storm the city of Belpre saw a lot of trees down on the ground from the high winds.

Crews have been out since 7 am trying to clear the roads and places where these trees had failed. No power was lost and no one was hurt during the storm due to the falling trees.

However, multiple streets including George Street, Elm Street, and part of Rockland Avenue were closed for a while until crews cleared up the tree damage early Tuesday.

The last giant red oak tree in Howes Grove Park was knocked down during the storm and it will take at least a day until it is cleaned up.

The Belpre Mayor, Mike Lorentz, shared why it is important for the city to quickly get these trees cleaned up.

”You know we have some road closures now because of construction and water lines and sewer lines and everything else going in. For emergency vehicles and people from out of the community trying to get through it is a hinderance, it’s a problem. So our guys are out, like I said, with everything we own right now clearing the pathway making everything correct,” Mayor Lorentz said.

Crews will continue to work over the next few days to continue clearing the knocked down trees.

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