Herefordshire fuel station sells petrol 12p cheaper a liter

FUEL prices across Herefordshire remain high as the cost-of-living crisis continues, but one garage is priding itself on sensible prices.

Griffiths Garage in High Street, Leintwardine, in north Herefordshire near the border with Ludlow, is selling fuel at a much cheaper rate than other petrol stations in the county.

The garage is charging 167.9p per liter of petrol, 12p cheaper than anywhere else in the county, and diesel at 182.9p.

The national average is 188.7p and 196.9p for petrol and diesel, according to RAC Fuel Watch.


Alex Griffiths, director at Griffiths Garage, said large firms are priced unnecessarily high, and a picture of the garage’s prices has gone viral online, being shared thousands of times on Facebook.

“We only look good because a lot of the wider market, dominated by large firms is pricing badly right now.

“We are not doing anything magic; we’re selling fuel at a price that reflects what we’ve paid for it with a sensible margin.

“But it is still far too high, and the market remains volatile. Roughly half of the current cost of fuel is tax.

“Our country cannot grow out of the pandemic and our current economic difficulties if people cannot afford to get about, so we would still love to see the government make a meaningful temporary change to fuel duty to relieve the pressure on us all now.”


Here’s a list of the top 10 cheapest fuel prices in Herefordshire, according to petrol price per liter (correct as of Wednesday, July 20):

1. Griffiths garage, Leintwardine: 167.9 unleaded, 182.9 diesel

2. Saffron Cross Garage, Bodenham: 179.9 unleaded, 190.9 diesel

3. Newtown Cross Garage, Ledbury: 179.9 unleaded, 190.9 diesel

4. Forge Filling Station, A465: 179.9 unleaded, 189.9 diesel

5. Whitney Stores, Whitney-on-Wye: 180.9 unleaded, 198.9 diesel

6. Texaco, Commercial Road, Hereford: 181.9 unleaded, 196.9 diesel

7. Shell, Whitecross Road, Hereford: 182.7 unleaded, 192.7 diesel

8. Sainsburys, Hereford: 183.9 unleaded, 193.9 diesel

9. Asda, Hereford: 184.7 unleaded, 195.7 diesel

10. Hinton Service Station, Hereford: 184.8 unleaded, 195.8 diesel

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