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Hammerfell’s Most Important Locations Explained

The location of the long-awaited The Elder Scrolls 6 has been a point of debate among fans of the franchise’s for a long time, with many thinking more information regarding the title could release in the near future. As small glimpses into the game-world of the next Elder Scrolls have already been seen by fans, there is one location that stands out.

The Elder Scrolls 6 will most likely feature a primary setting that has not been the core focus of other Elder Scrolls titles, leading many pointing to the vast province of Hammerfell as a potential setting. If Hammerfell is to be TES 6’s main setting, it has a wide array of important locations that would undoubtedly feature.


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Hammerfell – The Alik’r Desert

One of the most important locations in all of Hammerfell is the Alik’r Desert. An arid ocean of sand, the Alik’r Desert covers a seemingly endless span of the western end of the Hammerfell province. Despite its inhospitable nature, the Alik’r Desert is home to a variety of established settlements and races, with the Redguard being one of them. The Redguards are the dominantly present race within Hammerfell. Originally hailing from the continent of Yokuda, the Redguards took Hammerfell in an ancient, legendary conquest.

The Alik’r Desert is integral in establishing the region’s ethos of perseverance, with the cities of Sentinel and Bergama being the two largest settlements in the desert. Sentinel is one of the most important settlements in Hammerfell, being considered the modern capital. Appearing in the popular Elder Scrolls OnlineSentinel is made more important thanks to its proximity with the Iliac Bay.

The ancient Dwemer capital of Volenfell is also situated within the Alik’r Desert, although it has long been abandoned. While the Dwemer population would dwindle, the remainder of their impressive settlements and structures are a testament to the rich lore and history of Hammerfell.

Hammerfell – Dragonstar

Another important location within Hammerfell is Dragonstar, a city situated at the very northern end of the province. As its name suggests, Dragonstar is close to the border of Skyrim, which fans will of course be very familiar with as the setting of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Dragonstar is one of the nine kingdoms of Hammerfell, sitting next to the Dragontail mountains that separate the province from Skyrim. Dragonstar is a mining settlement, and was initially established by the native Nords of Skyrim in the Second Era, which is where the location’s importance is typified. The ownership of Dragonstar has been a long-standing point of contention between the Nords and the Redguards, and would be a perfect geopolitical feud to explore in The Elder Scrolls 6. While players will want to explore things outside the world of SkyrimDragonstar would serve as an excellent homage to the now iconic title.

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Hammerfell – Ska’vyn

The city of Ska’vyn is another one of Hammerfell’s nine kingdoms. While also being situated in the desert, Ska’vyn’s importance comes from the Dwarven spire known as Fang Lair which looks over the city.

A Dwarven mine, Fang Lair is an abandoned and ominous location, said to be inhabited by a great beast. Appearing quite prominently within the Elder Scrolls: ArenaFang Lair and Ska’vyn would provide a gripping level of exploration and world-building for The Elder Scrolls 6. The remains of the powerful dragon Thurvoken lie within Fang Lair, opening a door into one small example of what kind of quests could stem from a visit to Ska’vyn.

Hammerfell – Stros M’Kai

One of the most unique locations in Hammerfell is Stros M’Kai, an island territory off the southwest coast of the province. While a comparatively small area next to mainland Hammerfell, the island has held an extremely important role to an array of different factions. The island is controlled by a group known as the Crowns, who are one of two main political factions of Hammerfell. The Crowns are a more traditional band of Redguard puritans, with a core ethos of maintaining the culture and traditions of the Yokuda continent from which the Redguards originally hailed.

When the Redguards were forced to swear fealty to the Septim Empire following the Conquest of Hammerfell, the Empire set up a temporary government on the island of Stros M’Kai in order to gain a political foothold on their newly acquired province. Considering how the Crowns were furious at Hammerfell’s concession to the Septim Empire, it could easily act as a hotbed of political scheming and unrest.

With its series of islands, sprawling mainland, diverse biomes, and tense political borders, the province of Hammerfell is a worthy location to be the primary focus of an Elder Scrolls title. The Elder Scrolls 6 is inexorably going to be a massive and detailed experience, and a largely unexplored but historically valuable province like Hammerfell could very well be the perfect choice.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is currently in development.

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