First Yakuza 8 Images/Footage Have Appeared Online

In the month of May, the CEO of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio shared an update on Yakuza 8, the new chapter of the sequel series of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, explaining that the development of the video game was proceeding quickly and that the work on the story was almost finished. Today, a series of images and development footage of the Yakuza 8 have appeared online. Check them out below.

First Yakuza 8 Images/Footage Revealed

first yakuza 8 images and footage

In this recent hours, the Japanese magazine Famitsu has published a preview of some images of the new Yakuza 8 game, confirming the return of the protagonist Ichiban Kasuga and the two companions Namba and Kouichi Adachi, who most probably will support the former member of the Tojo clan also in this chapter.

At the moment, Famitsu only shared three screenshots taken during the studio tour, showing the three main characters of Yakuza: Like a Dragon arguing with each other. As per the images, it seems that the design used for Adachi and Namba is pretty much identical, while for Ichiban the afro hairstyle seems to have been removed in favor of a more classic cut with the hair tied up in a pigtail.

It is also worth mentioning that, in the magazine, it is also revealed that Yakuza 8 is a working name, and that martial artist Mikuru Asakura has been chosen to play as a character in this new story.

Unfortunately at the moment, this is the only information that we can get so far, but if nothing else, we now know with absolute certainty that the eighth chapter of the series will be set after the events of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, again with the main protagonist Ichiban Kasuga.

In the last couple of months, SEGA has stated that they wanted to show the Yakuza 8 game before the end of the year, so we can expect a new update in the coming months. As for the release, for now, everything seems to be on track for a launch in 2023, we will see if only on PC and next-gen or even on older generation consoles the title will release or not.

Here’s a video from Mikuru Asakura where you can see the development footage of the Yakuza 8 game (timestamp 9:58).

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