Far Cry 6 is free-to-play this weekend

Ubisoft has announced a free weekend for Far Cry 6 is on the way, with players able to access the game’s Stranger Things event and more. Far Cry 6 will also be available to buy for 60% off.

Far Cry 6 will have a free weekend running from August 4th to the 7th, during which time we’ll be able to access the game’s Stranger Things, Rambo, and Danny Trejo content. Far Cry 6 will also be on offer for 60% off.

Far Cry 6 can be played for free this weekend

“This blockbuster free weekend, save Yara, fight with Danny Trejo, go Rambo style, play our Stranger Things event and so much more,” we’re told. A photo mode contest will also be underway, looking for the best “summer vibe” photo or video to be shared to TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, with the hashtag #FarCry6FreeWeekendContest — among other prizes, winners could get an AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card. The photo mode contest runs for a little longer than the free weekend, until the 12th of August. If you don’t own Far Cry 6, this free weekend looks to be the only chance to play without buying the game, since Ubisoft confirmed the Far Cry 6 Xbox Game Pass listing was a mistake. The estimated completion time for the base game is between 60 and 80 hours, but this free weekend should still give you enough time to try out a sizeable chunk of the game if you’re interested.

Will you be jumping in to Far Cry 6’s free weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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