Fall Guys Pusheen cosmetics and costumes detailed

Fall Guys is no stranger to crossovers. desde Jungle Book to Cuphead, plenty of franchises have made the jump to Mediatonic’s gravity-centric multiplayer game. But the latest addition may be the cutest of them all. Pusheen, the famous cartoon cat, will be available as a costume, alongside a unicorn-centric variant of the game.

Pusheen is best known for being very cute but also somewhat lazy, which should run in stark contrast to the calisthenics required to succeed in Fall Guys.

Known Fall Guys leaker FG Pancake posted that the two costumes will come in a bundle for 1600 Show Bucks (Fall Guys‘ real-money currency, which works out to about $14 in the in-game shop). The bundle will also include a Pusheen-themed cat emote.

Pusheen is only the latest crossover in Fall Guys since it went free-to-play in June. Other crossovers over the last month include Halo and Assassin’s Creed, with Sonic the Hedgehog coming later this season.

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