F1 news: Schumacher calls Hamilton ‘big loser’, Norris defends Lewis, Silverstone ban | F1 | Sport

Martin Brundle understands the pain both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are going through from the bouncing in their Mercedes caused by porpoising, but the Sky Sports pundit ultimately doesn’t feel it’s up to the FIA ​​to intervene.

Christian Horner has hit out at the teams calling for the regulations to change and Horner sided with the Red Bull boss.

“The teams that have got it sorted are clearly saying that’s Mercedes’ problem and it’s not Formula One’s problem,” Brundle told Sky Sports News. “There’s no doubt about it, it looks particularly uncomfortable.

“Of course, [Mercedes] can fix it by raising the car but then they lose a huge amount of performance. So, they need to get the car low, stiff on the suspension and stiff on the side wall of the new tires as well, and they’ve had to sacrifice comfort for performance.

“What’s surprising, really, is that Mercedes just can’t seem to get a handle on what looks like, actually, quite an excellent car, if they could just unlock it.

“When you have these ground effect cars, it’s always been an issue. It is still in sports car racing; I was at Les Mans and in the prototypes there they have porpoising and ground effect issues in terms of bouncing. It needs managing.

“To ask the other teams to change the regulations to help Mercedes, is a bit like asking a turkey to vote for Christmas. I’m not underplaying what George Russell and Lewis Hamilton are going through, because it does look particularly painful.

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