Elden Ring Player Hits Max Playtime

Elden Ring is a highly replayable game that naturally lends itself to long playthroughs, but one fan has gone the extra mile and hit the max playtime.

Elden RingFromSoftware’s massive open-world take on the souls genre, has been all the rage since its release earlier this year. As a game with lots to do and plenty to see, players could find themselves investing quite a bit of time in the Lands Between. One Elden Ring fan has managed to exceed limits that even FromSoftware didn’t believe possible, hitting the max playtime on the game’s internal clock.

Widely celebrated for its immense and detailed open world, Elden Ring can take a considerable amount of time to complete. There are over 150 bosses scattered throughout the Lands Between, each taking a significant amount of effort to defeat. Due to its depth, Elden Ring can last over 60 hours for a single playthrough and even more if attempting 100% completion. Additionally, the game offers a new game plus mode that fans can continually use to restart the game while preserving their character and playtime. in a way, Elden Ring can go on almost infinitely if a player so desires.


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One fan might be keen on playing Elden Ring indefinitely in a Reddit post shared by JayzRebellion15. Impressively, the Elden Ring fan has hit the 999-hour time limit programmed within the game. The user shares that Elden Ring‘s internal clock refuses to move past the 999:59:59 mark, effectively hitting the maximum amount of time the game can calculate. JayzRebellion15’s character, one resembling Castlevania‘s Richter Belmont, sits at level 648, and all playtime was done on the Xbox One.

Fans in the comments section quickly did the math for how such a feat was accomplished and calculated that the original poster has played the game for at least 7.35 hours a day since launch. JayzRebellion15 reiterates his love of him for Elden Ring and points to his YouTube channel and various Reddit posts as the reason behind their enormous playtime. While many players champion defeating the most formidable bosses in Elden Ring as incredible feats in the game, JayzRebellion’s impressive playtime could be considered one itself.

Elden Ring offers many ways to keep players locked in well after the credits roll. The game features a thriving PvP scene with rumors of a potential arena DLC eventually finding its way to the game, further expanding replayability. Also, co-op is a key feature that many Elden Ring fans enjoy partaking in, endlessly offering help to those struggling with the most challenging bosses. Elden Ring still has room to grow as potential expansion packs arrive for the game, and it may not be too long before other fans are bumping up their playtimes as well.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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