Eid al-Adha: Ottawa restaurant hands out free meals to homeless

An Ottawa restaurant is giving back during a Muslim holiday.

“It’s one of the main events for Muslims,” says Amjad Elsakka, who is celebrating Eid al-Adha, “because it’s close to the month of Hajj, the pilgrimage for Muslims.”

Known as the “feast of sacrifice”, it is one of the biggest holidays on the Islamic calendar.

As Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha, one Ottawa restaurant took it a step further handing out free food to the homeless.

On Sunday, Mediterranean restaurant Phynicia took to the streets of downtown Ottawa to give back.

“Every Eid we do something for those in need,” says Phynicia employee Amar Al Bardan. “So this Eid we decided to close and do something like this.”

The restaurant donated hundreds of meals to the less fortunate.

Owner Firas Al Bardan says Eid is all about giving back, and helping those who need it most.

“Our goal is to motivate people in helping others,” says Firas. “The homeless in downtown were all very happy. We gave water, sweets, pies, pizza.”

“We gave out about 100 feet and some necessaries like clothing, toothbrushes,” says Amal. “Felt very good. People were happy, so we’re glad to do this.”

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