Downes: It feels like a dream to be a West Ham player

I had a whole list of West Ham heroes growing up.

Obviously you’ve got the big names like the Di Canios, an unbelievable player to watch, you’ve got the older generation like the Bobby Moores. I suppose for me, growing up, it was Mark Noble. He’s a legend in my eyes, he’s been here for many years. He’s done it, so I’d probably say players like that, Michael Carrick too. There’s so many players that I could list the whole team.

Obviously Nobes is an unbelievable player, he’s done it all here. So he’s a big player I liked to watch.

In terms of my game, I’ll give everything.

I’d sy my strengths are my energy, I’m alright on the ball, I like to tackle and get stuck in. The West Ham fans like that – I’ve been there, so I know what everyone likes. At the end of the day I’m a fan, I’m just playing the game and I’ll give everything to this team. That’s the passion I’ll bring, hopefully, to the team. I can’t wait.

My family helped me pick my new squad number, 12.

My whole family’s number has always been 21. That’s taken here, so 12 is 21 reversed. I messaged my old man when I knew about the shirt numbers and he literally came back with 12. That’s it. You know when you walk about and you see a number everywhere – it’s been 21 for me and my family, so that’s why we’ve picked 12, because it’s kind of 21.

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