Disney Sets Some 2025-26 Marvel Dates

In the wake of Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con panel, the company also teased even further into the future – confirming six more release dates they’ve locked for future Marvel Cinematic Universe films with titles yet to be confirmed.

The new dates range from early 2025 through to the end of 2026 and essentially confirm the dates that unannounced Phase 6 films will launch along with what’s coming in the first year after.

The new list confirms the studio is locking down a four-film per year strategy for the next four years, with releases in the same windows each year – mid-February, early May, late July and early November.

It also confirms how many films are coming for the next phases – seven for Phase 5, and five for Phase 6 joining the seven of Phase 4. Both the fifth and sixth phases appear to be tracking to each involve six TV series (not including animated series or specials).

The full Marvel film-only release slate from 2023-2026 is as follows:

February 17th 2023 – “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”
May 5th 2023 – “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”
July 28th 2023 – “The Marvels”
November 3rd 2023 – “Blade”

February 16th 2024 – Untitled Marvel
May 3rd 2024 – “Captain America: New World Order”
July 28th 2024 – “Thunderbolts”
November 8th 2024 – “Fantastic Four”

February 14th 2025 – Untitled Marvel
May 2nd 2025 – “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty”
July 25th 2025 – Untitled Marvel
November 7th 2025 – “Avengers: Secret Wars”

February 13th 2026 – Untitled Marvel
May 1st 2026 – Untitled Marvel
July 24th 2026 – Untitled Marvel
November 6th 2026 – Untitled Marvel

What those untitled films are is unclear but one is almost certainly “Deadpool 3” with Marvel’s Kevin Feige saying a year ago they already have a release window in mind.

Source: Disney

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