Developer pledges funds for Shrewsbury North West Relief Road if 102 homes get the green light

Anwyl Homes want to build on land west of Gains Park Way

Anwyl Homes want to build 102 homes on land west of Gains Park Way in Shrewsbury. The development would have one, two, three and four bedroom homes.

The firm has not confirmed how much money it will put towards the road project, which was most recently estimated to cost around £81 million – although the economic situation means in reality it will be much more expensive.

Anwyl say there will also be on-site equipped play space, safe access from Gains Park Way, attractive landscaping, new pedestrian connections to existing pedestrian network, 20 “affordable” homes and retention of on-site veteran trees within high quality areas of open space.

A planning application is expected to be submitted to Shropshire Council soon, and a public consultation event will take place at Bicton Village Hall on Tuesday, September 6, from 6pm to 8pm.

A spokesman said: “Anwyl Homes are pleased to present their application proposals for a residential scheme on the land to the west of Gains Park Way which forms one of the parcels of the Shrewsbury West Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) allocation. This SUE allocation is set out within the Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) Plan (2015) which supports the delivery of up to 750 new homes across the whole allocation.

“This planning application proposes a range of new family homes, play space as well as retention of the on-site veteran trees. Access is proposed Gains Park Way. This leaflet provides further information to update the community on the proposals.”

Bowbrook councillor Alex Wagner raised concerns about access to services and road safety.

He said: “Bicton Heath residents are getting very used to large-scale development, with hundreds of new houses going up at pace. I’m continuing to raise concerns about how this will impact places at schools and access to GPs, issues that come up constantly on the doorstep.

“If these 102 houses off Gains Park Way get approved, we absolutely must make Gains Park Way a safer road to live near. There will be 300 houses west of Gains Park Way with no pavements, no crossings, and a 40mph limit to contend with to cross the road if this gets built. How will parents walk their kids to primary school or get to the shops safely if changes aren’t made? Shropshire Council must act.”

Phil Dolan, managing director Anwyl Homes Cheshire & North Wales, said: “The land where we propose building 102 new homes forms part of the Shrewsbury West Sustainable Urban Extension and is allocated for housing. Leaflets outlining the plans have been distributed to residents ahead of a public consultation event and we’ve met with local councilors to discuss the proposals. Our plans include 20% on site affordable housing, in line with planning policy, plus play space and the retention of veteran trees. We’ve offered to contribute towards the North West Relief Road and are in talks with the local authority to agree the sum required. We will also pay a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which will be allocated by the local authority to improve local facilities.”

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