Day Shift trailer introduces Jamie Foxx and the vampire hunting union

In Netflix’s Day Shift from director JJ Perry, vampire hunters are skilled laborers who understand the value of the work and the reality that they’re stronger as a collective — a union, to be specific. Day Shift‘s first full trailer only gives you the slightest sense of what all a demon hunting union looks like exactly and puts much more emphasis on the movie’s action than its take on vampiric lore. But the trailer is a reminder of the power that comes from workers rallying together in moments of need.

Day Shift tells the story of longtime vampire hunter Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx), a man whose relationship with his wife (Meagan Good) and daughter (Zion Broadnax) is somewhat strained because of his secret line of work. While Bud’s family generally goes with the story that he works as a pool cleaner, in reality, he’s one of the many vampire hunters operating around the world to take out the blood-sucking ghouls for sizable bounties. Unlike Bud, who somehow managed to get himself booted from the union in the past, hunters like Big John Elliott (Snoop Dogg) count on their membership to get paid and stay involved in the larger fight against evil.

In terms of their premises, Day Shift and the John Wick films don’t seem to share all that much narrative DNA. But the trailer leaves no doubt that producer Chad Stahelski and the rest of the movie’s creative team infused it with a similarly adrenaline-drenched sense of action that might be just what. Day Shift needs to be a hit when it premieres on August 12th.

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