Connecticut goes head-to-head with Hefty over recycling claims

HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB)-Attorney General William Tong announced today that his office, along with the Commissioner of Consumer Protection, filed a lawsuit against Reynolds Consumer Products.

The state says the corporation behind Hefty recycling bags broke the law on purpose.

The state claims the company lied to people by promoting a product as recyclable, but it really wasn’t.

Attorney General Tong says these bags hurt the environment and get tangled in recycling equipment. They want Hefty to be held responsible for paying fees for violating the law and paying for attorney fees.

“What’s in the bags will not get recycled, and instead what’s in the bags will be diverted directly into the waste stream and will either be incinerated or put in a landfill. Then, on insult to injury, these bags have been known to clog recycling sorting machines which makes it so much worse,” said Attorney General Tong.

Reynolds gave a statement on the lawsuit:

State officials are urging people to go to to learn how to recycle properly.

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