Chelsea star accidentally signs fan’s Christian Pulisic shirts

It’s very common for football fans to ask professional players to sign a shirt.

In fact, it’s become so commonplace in the modern era that most elite-level footballers do it without skipping a beat.

If they’re on work duty and see a supporter holding a jersey, their first instinct is to go over, grab the pen on offer – or use their own – and sign it.

Usually, it’s an act that goes down pretty well, but not in a very recent case involving Chelsea and Italy midfielder, Jorginho.

The Blues have touched down in the United States of America for a pre-season tour and they will begin it by enjoying some warm weather training in Los Angeles, California.

One football fan from LA thought it’d be a great idea to head down and see the team prepare for their first warm-up match against Mexican side Club America on July 17th.

And they even brought their Christian Pulisic shirts (USA and Borussia Dortmund) for the nation’s poster boy to sign.

But instead of Pulisic leaving his autograph, the fan in question, Justin, now has Jorginho’s signature on each of the shirt’s with the American winger’s name embroidered on the back.

Justin tweeted from his official Twitter account: “Yesterday I attempted to get Pulisic to sign his USA & Dortmund kits at Chelsea training (he didn’t). Instead Jorginho shockingly walked up and immediately signed both without asking. I have no idea why, nobody else did. My jerseys are now ruined and I’m very disappointed.”

He then uploaded footage of Jorginho signing each of the Pulisic shirts.

Video: Jorginho accidentally signs fan’s Pulisic shirts

Jorginho probably thought he was making Justin’s day, but instead he ruined it!

Another football tweeted him to ask why he didn’t simply tell the Chelsea midfielder to stop, to which he replied: “I should’ve. I regret not doing so, but I was simply shocked. Tuchel and many other players walked by without thinking I wanted them to sign them. I didn’t expect that at all.”

To be fair to Jorginho, he probably thought the yellow Dortmund jersey was Chelsea’s away kit from last season, which was yellow and black.

The USA jersey could also easily be mistaken for another one of the west London side’s kits, or even one of Italy’s from yesteryear.

So we’ll cut Jorginho some slack – although you get the feeling Justin won’t be forgiving him any time soon…

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