Cheapest petrol station in Wolverhampton slashes prices even further

People buy fuel at reduced price, at TotalEnergies Blakenhall Service Station, Dudley Road, Wolverhampton

TotalEnergies Blakenhall Service Station on Dudley Road, Wolverhampton, is currently charging 167.6pa liter for unleaded and 179.6p for diesel.

The latest prices come after Himley Road Service Station in Gornalwood significantly reduced its prices, and reflect a 5p cut to unleaded and a 4p cut to diesel.

The Wolverhampton petrol station has been the cheapest in the area for more than three months now, a title that operations manager Sanjeev Lal is proud to hold.

“We are delighted that we can once again lower the cost,” he said.

“We are passing all the savings we are getting on to the customers.

“There’s been widespread coverage of the costs, it has been great to see people mentioning our station.

“We have massively increased our customer base, we are getting them from across the West Midlands,” he added.

“We have marshals now on the forecourt, we have found it gets really busy sometimes and wanted to make sure the flow of traffic is as good as it can be.

“It has been received really well, especially with the elderly, as the marshals can help them fill up.”

The closest competitor prices locally can be found at Himley Road Service Station in Gornalwood, which is currently selling unleaded for 172.9pa liter and diesel for 190.9pa liter.

As far as the supermarkets, the cheapest in Wolverhampton is the Asda Automat on Jack Haywood Way, which is selling unleaded for 179.7pa liter and diesel for 199.9pa liter.

Sanjeev added: “A member of our staff was speaking to a customer who had driven from Nottingham, not only for the prices but to support the cause.

“We are working tirelessly to make sure the deliveries are on time and fuel is available.

“You can see across the UK the independents are undercutting the supermarkets.

“We will carry on for as long as we can, and it would be nice for others to follow.”

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