Cars on the Road will feature a Mad Max: Fury Road spoof

cars on the roada new series based on cars, Pixar’s 2006 animated film, debuts Sept. 8 on Disney Plus. The new trailer for the series showcases plenty of fun adventures between Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater from him, but one particular vignette stands out: A Mad Max: Fury Road spoof.

Yes, you read that correctly. It looks like Cars on the Road will be getting an episode — or at least several scenes — dedicated to George Miller’s 2015 masterpiece, Mad Max: Fury Road.

About halfway through the trailer, a car with an Australian accent and a variety of metal augments starts threatening Lightning and Mater. The trailer then goes on to show cars that look very familiar to the ones used in Fury Road, as well as cars that spit flames, and are adorned with spikes. There’s even a big truck with a massive speaker and little buggies banging on oil drums, similar to the musical truck the guitar-slinging Doof Warrior rides on in Fury Road.

It’s a really wild thing to see spoofed in a kid’s TV show based off of a kid’s movie. But you know what they say, you’re never too young to ride eternal, shiny, and chrome.

The wider story of Cars on the Road is that Mater is going on a cross-country roundtrip to attend the wedding of his sister, and Lightning has agreed to tag along. The trailer shows off plenty of other weird adventures, like a car circus, a car T-Rex, and car … ghosts, but nothing that quite reaches the level of the Fury Road homage.

The big question with the trailer is just how much Mad Max content will there be in Cars on the Road? Fans won’t be able to answer that until the series after the series debuts on Disney Plus in a little over a month.

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