Camilla becomes a mirror of the Queen

Camilla becomes a mirror of the Queen

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is reportedly following in footsteps of the Queen in a bid to win over the British public for her next big royal role.

Camilla, who is all set to celebrate her 75th birthday on July 17 and has marked the occasion by guest editing Country Life magazine, has become the mirror of the Queen.

Will Lloyd, writing for UnHerd, said: “Suspicions about her have lasted. Only 13 percent of the public believe Camilla should be Queen.

“In the run up to her birthday next week, newspapers wonder how Camilla has ‘won everyone round’, but she remains, in tabloid, a ‘controversial figure’.

“The public are persistent Diana partisans. They do not get on with it. Like some of our politicians, for them it is eternally 1997, and Diana’s car will always be heading towards a smash.

“Against this sentimental legend, Camilla has nothing to offer but her Jack Russell terriers, being ‘nice’ to photographers, and that time she laughed at some Inuit throat singers.

“She becomes a mirror of her mother-in-law — a quiet enigma.”

The 96-year-old monarch stunned Britons in February as she announced that she wants Camilla to be styled Queen Consort when Charles becomes king. The move cements Camilla’s place of her at the heart of the Royal Family after she was once judged an outsider.

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