Buy New Glasses From JINS & You Can Upcycle Your Old Pair With New Lenses

Abandoning an old pair of eyeglasses can be cause for major hesitation, even if the lenses are more scratched up than a cat owner’s couch, or the prescription is too weak to decipher a takeout menu. And even if you’re ready to move on to something new, it’s genuinely nice to have the option of slipping on your old glasses — after all, you probably spent hours (or days) agonizing over the decision to buy them.

Japanese eyewear company JINS has stepped in to solve that dilemma. The chic and cheap glasses brand has kickstarted an upcycling initiative called “Revive,” which lets you replace the lenses in an old pair of frames for free (any frames — not just those from the JINS brand), when you buy a new pair from them. Here’s the lowdown.

How JINS Upcycles Your Old Glasses

Oftentimes upcyling programs can feel a little complicated, but the JINS Revive program is pretty low-effort. Here’s how it works:

  1. After you add a new pair of frames to your online cart, check the JINS Revive box and select either clear lenses or screen lenses before checking out. (The screen lenses filter blue light from digital devices — helpful if you spend a lot of time on your phone or laptop, as blue light can interfere with your sleep.)
  2. Once your new frames come in the mail, save the box and place your old frames inside and sign the included release form.
  3. Drop the box off at the post office, and within a few weeks, you’ll receive your old frames outfitted with new lenses that are up to date with your current prescription.
  4. Oh, and—you dog do all of this at one of their brick and mortar stores, but so far, their only American locations are in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Fine Print

There are a few caveats to the Revive program to keep in mind. They can’t replace progressive lenses, so they’re best for people with single-vision prescriptions. Speaking of prescriptions, JINS uses the same prescription in your revived glasses as they do in your new pair — ie, you can’t use two different prescriptions. And no, you can’t replace your old glasses with sunglass lenses, either (sigh). Obviously, these exceptions are going to be deal breakers for progressive lens wearers or those who’ve been wanting to transform their regular glasses into a pair of shades, but if that’s not you — this is a pretty worthy deal.

Budget-Friendly & Style-Savvy Glasses — Straight Out Of Tokyo

If you’re ready to revive your old glasses, or — honestly, even if you just want new glasses — JINS has a super wide array of options available at reasonable price points. In fact, most frames ring up at between $100 and $120. They have a lot of styles, which is ideal if you like options, options, options, but if you’d rather cut straight to the chase, you can filter by material, frame shape, frame size, nose bridge, and even face shape to narrow down your choices. There’s also a virtual try-on feature, so you can see how the frames look before committing to a pair.

One style that probably deserves a shoutout is the JINS Airframe, which has sold 20 million pairs thus far. It’s made of shape-memory material that’s flexible and springs back to shape if it gets bent. Plus, the frames are lightweight, which makes them easier to wear all day.

Shop JINS’ Glasses

JINS has more than 300 frames available — here’s a sneak peak of some popular styles:

The Tortoiseshell Glasses With A Slightly Oversized Fit

Simple and classic, the Slim Oversized 220 frames have a tortoiseshell design and slightly rounded shape that will never go out of style. JINS’ signature Airframe construction means they’re ultra-lightweight and can withstand bending and twisting, while the nose pads and rubber coating at the temples keep them firmly on your face.

The Trendy Eyeglasses That Are Delightfully Vintage-Inspired

These grandma-chic glasses are vintage-inspired and right on trend — and you don’t have to go digging through flea market booths to score them. The round lenses are complemented by just a bit of angularity for definition, and the adjustable nose pads provide a comfortable fit.

The Best-Selling Glasses That Are Perfect For Daily Wear

You can’t go wrong with the Slim Vivid frames — they boast a simple rectangular construction and a crystal-look design that comes in a handful of colors; opt for a neutral like champagne, or add a pop of color with the bright cherry red pictured here. JINS’ Airframe engineering means these are lightweight and mega-durable.

The Statement Makers With Tons Of Panache

Anything but ordinary, these oversized frames let you channel your inner 1970s news reporter — and they’re equally cool with your favorite tee and jeans as they are with a pencil skirt. Choose from bold black or go for an understated clear design.

The Delicate Metal Frames With Defining Upper Rims

These metal frames strike the perfect balance. The thin, delicate construction is complemented by black upper rims for just the right amount of definition — but you can also opt for pretty blue or sleek silver accents. Nose pads offer a secure fit for comfortable all-day wear.

The Takeaway

If you’re due for new single-vision lenses because of scratching, diminished coating, or a new prescription, JINS is arguably your next best move. Within short order, you’ll have two pairs (one old and one new) outfitted with pristine lenses… without putting a dent in your wallet.

And even if you’ve just been longing to inject some new style into your eyewear wardrobe, JINS has some worthy frames on offer, making this Japanese brand one to keep an eye on. (Literally and figuratively.)

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