Apex Legends’ new legend Vantage, Hunted update release date announced

apex legends‘next Legend, the sharpshooter known as Vantage, will arrive on Aug. 9 as part of the game’s hunted update, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts announced Monday. Respawn gave apex legends‘ fans an early peek at Vantage in a new animated short in the Stories from the Outlands series called “Survive.”

In the short, Respawn shows how tough things have been for Vantage, having been raised by a wrongfully convicted criminal mother and fighting to survive on the ice planet Págos. But those survival skills — “unfathomable” talent with a scoped weapon and her adorable alien bat friend Echo — will surely help Vantage be competitive in the Apex Games.

EA and Respawn promise more details about Vantage and the Apex Legends: Hunted update will be released ahead of their August arrival on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Vantage’s existence and in-development abilities leaked back in March, when details on nine still-unannounced Legends were revealed. Vantage isn’t the only recently revealed Legend in the Apex franchise to arrive with a friendly flying companion: Rhapsody, “a rhythm loving DJ,” accompanied by Rowdy, a flying robot, was recently added to Apex Legends Mobile.

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