Anglian Water issue Essex heatwave water shortage warning

A WATER provider is warning Essex residents against using too much water amid concerns over a heatwave water shortage.

Anglian Water is calling on residents to be aware of how much water they use as we prepare for a heatwave this week coming.

The water company says it expects to see peak demand levels skyrocket, putting pressure on the water network.

It means if everyone draws on the water supply at the same time, Anglian Water predict seeing water pressures dip.

Sarah Castelvecchi, Water Saving Manager at Anglian Water said: “We want everyone to enjoy the fabulous sunshine and being outdoors, however we would like to ask everyone to think about how they are using their water.

“Paddling pools are the go-to cooler, but a standard pool can use up to 400 liters of water – that’s four full water butts.

“It would be great if people could reuse the water on their gardens, instead of from the tap, as their plants will be hot too.”

The water company provides more than four million customers with drinking water across the East of England.

They supply on average a billion liters of water a day to homes and businesses.

The water comes from a combination of groundwater sources and surface water reservoirs.

Sarah added: “We’re asking people to use the water they need to stay hydrated and healthy; we want everyone to use water wisely and reuse wherever possible to help us keep taps running this summer.

“Every drop of water is precious, so we work hard to make sure there is enough to go around for both today and tomorrow.”

To save water, Anglian Water has released some tips to help prevent a water shortage.

If you’ve filled a pool, it is advised residents recycle the water to water the garden instead of using a hose.

Anglian Water also advise giving the car wash a miss and learn to love having a brown lawn by turning off the sprinkler as the grass will bounce back when it rains.

They also recommend cutting showers to just five minutes.

Anglian water say the region could save more than 100 million liters of water every single day, the equivalent of leaving the tap running for 30 years.

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